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Roma Sands specialise in quality materials & products.  The range of quarry materials and blends available at Roma Sands is expanding all the time.  Bulk orders welcome and ask about ordering our products by the cubic metre or bulka bags.

Click on the below categories to see their main products.  Should you have a custom request, please get in touch to discuss your needs.&

Concrete Blend

Blended and ready to go
10mm, 20mm or custom upon request

Crusher Dust

Suited for paths or pads

Red Loam

Great as garden soil

Sandy Loam

Used for top dressing lawns

Aggregate Range

Scalps - 7mm to 20mm varieties
Roadbase Variety & PreCoats
Custom orders welcome


Suitable as a drainage rock
40mm or custom upon request

Fine / Bedding Sand

Clean and ready to go

Coarse Sand

Best used for concreting

Hoop Pine Bark

Mulch perfect for gardens or landscapers.

Cypress Pine

Mulch suitable at keeping weeds to a minimum

Garden Soil from Roma Sands

Garden Soil

Perfect for garden beds or preparing the ground for turf

Gypsum from Roma Sands


Used in gardens to improve and condition soil as well as in the manufacture of wallboard and cement.

Standstone Blocks

Image coming soon

Retaining Wall Blocks

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Image coming soon


Image coming soon

Water Features

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Image coming soon

Earthlife Products

Image coming soon

Crushed Granite

Image coming soon

Turf Mixes

Image coming soon

Decorative Stone

Image coming soon

Pine Bark Slash

Image coming soon

Pine Bark Softfall

Image coming soon

Bulka Bag

A number of products can be supplied in a one tonne bulka bag. Contact us to find out more.

Small or Large Quantities

A number of materials can be provided per tonne in small or large quantities. Contact us to find out more.

Custom Orders

Have a custom request? Garden soil, manures or bulk orders. Get in touch to discuss.

Did you know we also offer machine hire equipped with experienced operators?

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